If you have been affected by the recent storms and floods, we're here to help.

We're here to support you and your community on the road to recovery. Access our free interactive resources and seminars to support wellbeing and promote resilience through each stage of recovery.


Where an organisation elects to deepen their knowledge, practice and implementation of Power to Kids, The MacKillop Institute can support increased capability through the purchase of full implementation support or a suite of one-off services.

Affordable 3-day mobilisation package to ensure sustainability

  • Designing your implementation: Focusing on your implementation strategy, measurement and the link between policies and practices.
  • Engaging the system: Provision of a best practice case study and collaborating with your service to map exit strategies and referral options.
  • Champions and leaders (train the trainer): Building the capabilities of your leaders to embed trauma-informed and reflective practice; Implement the CARE and TALK models and sexual safety planning; Enhance the skills of your residential carers around the Power to Kids 10 topics.
  • Cultural capabilities: Training specific to issues of sexuality and identity including the use of psycho-ed activities

Standalone training modules

Alternatively or in addition to the above, organisations can purchase training modules to suit specific needs.

  • Creating change
  • Having tough conversations
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Creating organisational safety
  • Dealing with secondary exposure to trauma
  • Cultural capability
  • Strengthening staff wellbeing
  • Keys to successful education

Tailored packages

Options can be tailored to your services specific needs. Packages will draw on evidence-based coaching models, with a focus on building your service's capabilities. Are there opportunities we've missed? Please contact us.

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Cameron Burgess
National Program Director, Sanctuary & Power To Kids

MacKillop Family Services acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the communities where we work.

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