Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments (ReLATE) aims to make real, measurable and lasting change in schools to better the teaching, learning and wellbeing of not only students but staff, leaders and the whole school community.

It recognises the impact that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have on the developing body and brain of a child and the lasting impacts into adulthood. It gives education professionals tools, knowledge, skills and resources that enable them to be cognisant of the impacts of adverse experiences on engagement, learning, health and wellbeing.

Combining educational research, social science, behavioural theory and neuroscience, ReLATE supports teachers to implement practical strategies in their classrooms.

Within ReLATE, wellbeing is understood as an essential pre-condition for quality teaching and learning. Safe, predictable and supportive learning environments are created and maintained in classrooms where students and staff are not just known, but deeply understood.

The ReLATE model is a commitment, as a school community and system, to sustainable and positive cultural change and advocates for shared responsibility towards enhancing learning in a school environment.

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"Since participating in the ReLATE model, there has been far less reactivity with incidents and more tolerance, modifying our expectations of all children and families to align to their needs."

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Ben Sacco
National Lead, Program Development & Implementation - ReLATE

Brendan Murray
Principal Education Consultant

Anne Henderson
Executive Principal, MacKillop Education

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Ben Sacco
National Lead, Program Development & Implementation - ReLATE

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