Power to Kids

Strengthening prevention and responses to sexual exploitation, harmful sexual behaviours and dating violence for young people in residential care.

Developed by MacKillop Family Services in partnership with The University of Melbourne, delivered by The MacKillop Institute.

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Program background & delivery details

"Six weeks ago, I don't think he would have come forward…Now he knows that this actually isn't okay… I think that the program has definitely had an influence on him and made him feel comfortable to talk to the staff around what has happened."

Case Manager referring to a young man disclosing an act of harmful sexual behaviour


"One striking thing that came out of (the program) was that the girls mentioned to the carers that they should be talking to one of the other girls in the house, because they think she's being groomed by her uncle... the girls seemed concerned about this relationship… and mentioned that to the carers..."

Sexual Health Nurse