We’ve launched a range of new professional learning opportunities, responding to common issues we see schools facing in today’s environment including teacher wellbeing, challenging behaviours in the classroom and student non-attendance. All training offerings are suitable for leaders, wellbeing staff, teachers and other staff working in Australian schools and count as continuing professional development. These online webinars will be delivered by Justin Roberts, ReLATE Program Director, and Yvonne Lindros, ReLATE Consultant and Practice Specialist. 

Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools  
This webinar will explore the links between prolonged stress in schools and the resulting compassion fatigue that can occur. We’ll cover how to identify signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and key strategies for maintaining wellbeing. We’ll also talk about recovery after periods of high stress.  
Wednesday 20 March 3:30pm – 5:00pm, $110 


Responding to Challenging Behaviours in a Classroom or School Setting 
This webinar will focus on the human stress response and discuss strategies to support a range of different student behaviours and underlying needs. Responses will be discussed from a therapeutic and trauma-informed lens.   
Thursday 21 March 3:30pm - 5:00pm, $110 


Reframing our Learning and Teaching Environments to Address Student Non-attendance 
This webinar will focus on proactive strategies to support students who have disengaged from the school environment. It will explore trauma-informed concepts and practices that can help recreate a sense of safety and connection to school for disengaged students.  
Tuesday 26 March 3:30pm - 5:00pm, $110 


The ReLATE Model
Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments (ReLATE) is a research and trauma-informed education model that provides a blueprint for schools to create supportive environments for teaching and improved student learning and wellbeing.