At MacKillop, our hearts and thoughts have been with the Ukrainian people.

Like many of you, we are searching for ways to offer support and we're also fielding questions from children and young people, as they try and make meaning from what they have seen and heard in the news, in conversation and in social media.

Knowing how to respond can be difficult, which is why we have developed this short video resource. The video is suitable for use at home and in the classroom and is recommended for middle primary aged children. The video contextualise the war in Ukraine and empowers children and young people to consider acts of empathy and kindness.

We know that children and young people are making meaning of the world, so responding to their questions and concerns thoughtfully is key to addressing big emotions, building their sense of empathy and hope, and empowering them to understand that through small acts they can make a positive impact both now and into the future.

We hope you find this resource useful. If your children, or those you care for or work with would like to share a photo, video of the actions they have taken after viewing “Standing with Ukraine”, we would love to see them. We're collecting stories of empathy and action from young people to share amongst our networks to help in showing the change that young people can affect. Email us at