This was thought provoking material...which has shown me the importance of continuing to reflect on and build my emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence is an integral part of good leadership and plays an important role in building healthy and well-functioning teams. Positive role modelling from emotionally intelligent leaders can benefit the whole workforce. Through learning both theory and practical strategies, leaders can lead with confidence and a better understanding of others. 
Like most things, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be worked on and improved. This online module is a professional learning opportunity aimed at strengthening emotionally intelligent leadership. We will explore how you can influence safety and effectiveness in your team, how to develop your own capacity in emotional intelligence and maximise practical tools from within the Sanctuary model.
The cost of this training is $250 per participant. 


  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence, including how to recognise, understand, and manage your own emotions
  • Gain strategies for applying emotional intelligence in leadership roles
  • Learn how to influence safety and effectiveness in your team, and how you can create a more supportive and productive workplace
  • Network and meet other professionals

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AEDT – Melbourne, Canberra, Syndey time

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