Sanctuary 3-day training

Establishing a knowledge base that supports you to implement trauma-informed practice.


Creating an immersive experience for participants, the 3-day Sanctuary professional training will inspire your staff to create the kind of environment where participants and staff will thrive, focusing on the factors that fuel resilience, helping people overcome adversity and heal from trauma. Live online training. $950 per participant. Training runs quarterly or can be tailored to your organisation and run on request.

Topics covered:

  • The 7 commitments - creating a culture of change
  • Myths and Misconceptions - holding the model up to the light
  • Evidence of change - from those we work for, to those we work with
  • Community Meetings - the first step in implementation
  • Developmental trauma - from what is wrong with you, to what happened to you?
  • Attachment - the power of a secure attachment
  • Stress, trauma, and the human brain - taking the high road to healing
  • The ACES study - what it tells us about adversity
  • Safety Plans - planning for resilience
  • Re-enactment and the drama triangle - from a vicious cycle to a virtuous cycle
  • Trauma can be contagious - understanding the system in which we work
  • Creating a positive parallel process - towards positive cultural growth
  • Collective disturbances - the strength of staying connected
  • The SELF Framework: a way forward for care planning and team meetings
  • Red Flag Meetings - tools to support responsive, not reactive thinking
  • Effective Supervision - asking the right questions to foster wellbeing
  • Vicarious Trauma - how to identify it and change the script
  • Self-Care Plans - prevention as the best cure
  • Psychoeducation - putting it all into practice
  • Implementing Sanctuary - if you want to go far, go together

"The presenters were engaging and energetic. I would recommend the online version as a very viable option."

2021 participant