Full three-year Sanctuary model implementation


Three-year Sanctuary model overview

With our full three-year option, the Sanctuary Model is implemented through a collaborative process. Led by a steering group and core team from your organisation, instructed by the Sanctuary Professional Learning Program for all staff and supported by a MacKillop Institute faculty consultant, to build on the strengths of your organisation.

Sanctuary is agile, adaptable and recognises that organisations have their own culture, values, processes, and policies. By integrating with your organisation's strategic plan, Sanctuary strengthens and underpins your culture and processes that promote and drive wellbeing and safety.

Steps to implementation

The MacKillop Institute supports your organisation through a series of steps, which progressively align the practices, attitudes and philosophies of Sanctuary's trauma-informed approach with those of your organisation. These steps will include:

Climate assessment
Five-day training
Establishing a Core Team
Train the Trainer
On-site consultation
Phone consultation
Mid-implementation review
Guides and manuals
Become an accredited Sanctuary organisation (optional)

What you can expect

By the end of the three-year Sanctuary implementation, organisations may be certified as a trauma-informed, Sanctuary organisation. Evidence of having met the 28 Standards will provide reassurance that clients and staff have moved from being trauma-aware, to embedding trauma informed practices.

We understand this is a significant undertaking and therefore we offer a range of professional learning options. Each option can be delivered as stand-alone learning experience or combined to gain a greater understanding of the Sanctuary Model and its benefits.