Empowering young people with information about sexual safety and relationship is key to keeping them safe now, and in the future. This case study demonstrates how “Power to Kids” embodies its name.


Carers were worried that a young person was at incredibly an high risk of sexual exploitation. However, when they broached topics of safety and sexual relationships, she would become extremely volatile and aggressive.

The carers received Power to Kids training and one carer was appointed as the unit's "champion of sexual safety." This carer took the lead. She drew on the Power to Kids sexual education resources and training and gradually began to engage the young person in respectful and non-punitive conversations about sexual safety and relationships. She drew on the age-appropriate resources, including resources specifically designed for young people on the Autism Spectrum. She used language that opened the conversations and didn't trigger the young person's flight or fight response.

As a result of these conversations, the relationship strengthened with her carer and over time the young person became incredibly involved in her own safety planning.

This is one of many examples of Power to Kids empowering young people to play an active role in their sexual safety.

"Watching this transformation was amazing. This young person is now transitioning into independent living, and we can be excited for her, knowing that when we send her off, we send her off safely… We have armed her with the tools to support her not to be sexually exploited in the future."



"[this program] is really about taking the power back. Some people trick us into thinking that they have power over us, but really, we can have the power."

Young person